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 New Forum Posting Ranks

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Realmwalkers Newsinfo
Realmwalkers Newsinfo

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PostSubject: New Forum Posting Ranks   Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:26 am

To all and everyone!

The new forum posting ranking system is in place, post well and you shall be entitled to a more fitting rank. If you perform abnormaly well you might even be bestowed one of the super special ultra hardcore ranks, such as the Cesspool Troll or the Rampant Flamer! Also some ranks can be earned depending on your actions ingame tied to your posts on these forums. No, I won't give any spoilers or hints to what these ranks are, you will have to find out yourself, I might recommend ridding yourself from the Forum Noob rank for only 2 posts. There I just gave you a free tip, happy now? Go post some more and rid me of this *cricket chirp* and *tumbleweed passes by* mental pictures that I am having of these forums, thank you.
Maybe one day you can reach the top of the top and become the *CENSORED*.


oh, and no spam or I will have to ban you.


-The Cryer
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New Forum Posting Ranks
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