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 The Prancing Bear Welcoming Committee [10/02/08]

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Realmwalkers Newsinfo
Realmwalkers Newsinfo

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PostSubject: The Prancing Bear Welcoming Committee [10/02/08]   Mon Feb 11, 2008 6:04 pm

T'was the 10th of february a beautiful Sunday. The newly opened prancing bear tavern was welcoming its first batch of customers. However the amount of racial multitude was not what the founder, Bri the dwarf, had expected:

The Tavern was eventually cleared with a surge of alliance maggots, but the aftermath was this:

A delightful field of skeletons, a clear sign of a glorious opening celebration.

We are most thankful for this joyous opportunity for World PvP and we hope seeing you again with mug in hand and an elf head in the other!
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The Prancing Bear Welcoming Committee [10/02/08]
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