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 Who the hell are we?

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Realmwalkers Newsinfo
Realmwalkers Newsinfo

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PostSubject: Who the hell are we?   Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:19 pm

Guild Description
The Realmwalkers is a brotherhood of sadistic, vicious villains having banded together for the mutual purpose of sowing conflict and destruction across the realm. Caring little about their own personal safety, many of their bloodthirsty members eagerly raid the lands in search for victims to kill. This organization has no real leader, for it is the common goal of creating strife that propels it towards anyone or anything unfortunate enough to be its next target. Death bothers them not, for it is the adrenaline of combat that causes them to fight on, always hungry for more foes to suffer their wrath. It is entirely seemly for one of their victims killed in battle to lie mutilated on the ground, in his (or her) death, all things appear fair.

Realmwalkers INFO/FAQ
Q: What is your guild type?
A: We see ourselves as a primarily World PvP guild with some elements of roleplay, we also occasionally do premades for battlegrounds as well,. So if you are keener on PvE’ing then this guild is not for you.

Q: Do you do world PvP events?
A: Yes, we hold events when we can; this can both happen spontaneously or planned.

Q:I heard you guys like to gank lowbies and camp people, that is unfair, why do you do it?
A: In love and war, nothing is fair; ganking is just another part of life on this server. Regarding camping it is up to the individual guild member to decide what he or she wishes to. But let there be no mistake, no alliance is safe, no matter the race, class or level.

Q: Your guild intrigues me; do you have a website/forum?
A: Yes, we have a forum at, if you wish to apply simply check the Flesh Market section. We also have a forum devoted to our most beloved fans and haters, The Cesspool, a place where they talk with all their heart and bring us the joy of their emotional outbursts.

Q: Do you have a guild com server of some sort?
A: Yes, we have a guild Ventrilo server.

We also believe in individual liberty and freedom to play the game in their own way, Therefore Realmwalkers hold no responsibility over its members in regard to disputes related to pve, pvp or rp (exceptions may apply). We are a free guild, a refuge, a haven for those who wish to destroy some alliance here and there. . If you want a guild where PvP and a relaxed atmosphere meet and where world PvP is on top of the agenda, then RW might be for you. However, if you want a guild of only slackers, rpers or pver’s then we are not your ideal choice.

-The Cryer
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Who the hell are we?
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